Warning to be Alert – False Claims Concerning Moravian Churches

Office of the Unity Board Administrator

To the Unity Board of the Worldwide Moravian Church

Ref.: False claims concerning being Moravian Churches

Dear Sisters and Brothers.

Greetings in the name of our Chief Elder

Today we are writing you concerning false claims of being Moravian Churches. The claims are made by Br. William Nicholson, UAMM, Alaska, who is showing unchristian and hostile behavior towards the Worldwide Moravian Unity and the Unity Synod.
The Unity Synod 2016 Resolution 10 among other statements expresses that:

  • the Unity requests that UAMM, or part of it, no longer uses the name “Moravian”, nor that they represent themselves as part of the Moravian Church, nor that they interfere in the life and ministry of any Moravian Provinces, especially the Alaska Moravian Church;

The Unity Executive Committee is not satisfied that UAMM continues to communicate as if still being part of the Moravian Church and continues to use the name “Moravian.” By causing confusion in Alaska, even among Moravians by using the name “Moravian,” the life and ministry of the Moravian Church in Alaska is being disturbed.

Despite the fact that William Nicholson has been deprived of the rights connected with an ordination in the Moravian Church, he still calls on these rights.

On a website of the UAMM, it is publically stated that a fellowship of so-called Moravian Revival Churches has been formed in several countries. This is a false claim, since this fellowship has nothing to do with the Moravian Church. The name Moravian Church is therefore used without any right and justification. Not only that; it is also claimed that 4 Moravian bishops are leaders of this entity. That is untrue. No Moravian bishops are involved!

The names of the alleged bishops are Emmaus Mwamakula – Tanzania, (former Moravian minister, who has left the Moravian Church, was never elected Episcopus Unitas Fratrum), Paul Kabaiya – Kenya, (retired Moravian minister, was never elected Episcopus Unitas Fratrum), William Nicholson – Alaska (former Moravian Bishop, deprived of the rights connected with his ordination), and Odongo Mario Arabous – Uganda, (his merits unknown to the UEC. He was never elected a Moravian bishop).

On behalf of the Unity Executive Committee, we take the opportunity to warn the entire Unity against these people. They are claiming to be Moravians, but they are acting and speaking contrary to the resolutions of the highest authority of the Worldwide Moravian Church, (Unitas Fratrum), the Unity Synod. They are claiming to be an evangelical movement.

It is prudent to ask as follows: How can they be Moravians, being disobedient to the Unity Synod? How can they be evangelical, when they are spreading false information, claiming to have offices and titles which have not been given by election of proper and legal Moravian Church Synods that take decisions in prayer and intercession? How can they claim to be Christian leaders, when they spread false claims, causing confusion and sorrow among brothers and sisters?

We ask all Provinces of the Unity, all Mission Provinces and Mission Areas to be alert towards these men. We ask all Moravians to not follow these men, but on the contrary inform fellow Moravian brothers and sisters that the said persons and their followers are not speaking the truth. They are not part of the Moravian Church.

Finally, we ask all Provinces of the Unity to pray for the four persons mentioned and for their followers. They need our prayers that they will find peace and courage to repent from sowing division and confusion in Christ’s church.

May God speak to those, who seek to harm His church! May the gracious God forgive all of us our sins. May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with those men and with us all.

On behalf of the Unity Executive Committee
Rev. Dr. Cortroy Jarvis, President of the Unity Board
Rev. Dr. Jørgen Bøytler (PHD)  Unity Board Administrator

Lindegade 26, DK-6070 Christiansfeld, Denmark.

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