Allowing God's Spirit and His Word to touch many lives for Christ among Alaska's Native people.
The love of music and the many musical talents of its members is a blessing not easily forgotten.

If the Holy Spirit is tugging at your heart to worship, come and experience it with us.
You will hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Yup'ik Eskimo, Inupiat and English at our services!
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Pastor William Nicholson
Pastor William Nicholson


Our Address-
Anchorage Moravian Church
3512 Robin Street
Anchorage, AK 99504
Fax- (907)266-4358

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Church Life Home Last Updated: Dec 25th, 2009 - 12:58:50

Church Events
Anchorage Moravian Church Website Address Changed

Notice!!!  The Anchorage Moravian Church website has been changed to a new address and format as of end of November 2009.  To view the new Church web page, please change the address to www.alaskamoravian.org

This new website homepage is updated every Monday.

If anyone has any questions, call 907-868-3177.

A blessed Christmas season and Happy New Year to All!!

Dec 25, 2009, 09:00

Pastor's Corner
Viewing & Memorial Service
Brother David Wassillie passed away peacefully on November 24, 2009 at the Alaska Native Medical Center.  A viewing for Mr. Wassillie will be held at the Anchorage Moravian Church on November 27, 2009, 2 PM, at 3512 Robin Street in East Anchorage.  Viewing will be followed by a Memorial Service at 3 PM.  Officiants will be Bishop William Nicholson & Pastor Fred Nielsen.
Nov 25, 2009, 17:33

Pastor's Corner
Advent Information

We will celebrate 1st Sunday of Advent & Communion Service this coming Sunday November 29, 2009, at 11 AM.
Everyone please prepare for this time of fellowship and God's grace.  We may have our first advent star hanging in the sanctuary.  This will be a moving and meaningful service for all of us.

     The Christmas season is not very far away.  What is new this season is something very special that Moravian families can order for themselves or share as gifts for others.  This is entitled "Loving Hearts United" (a PREORDER) a first-ever family devotional guide and Daily Texts Bundle.  It sells for $24.95.

     According to Moravian Publications Loving Hearts United is a "new Moravian Guide for Family Living. This new Christian resource for forming a spiritual bond in family, church, and home comes complete with our workbook containing activities, organized weekly for the 52 weeks of the year, plus more for liturgical celebrations. A CD accompanies the workbook with hymns and interactive songs for the whole family.  A 2010 Daily Texts, Paperback version, is included with this bundle. You save $5 off the cover price of purchasing these book separately."

     If you are interested order before December 15, 2009.  You may order online at the following address http://www.moravian.org/publications/catalog/

Nov 25, 2009, 08:48

Pastor's Corner
Karmen & Greg

Greg's Entrance on Hot Wheels
Anchorage Moravian Youth Enjoy an Evening with Karmen & Greg, November 17, 2009, 7PM, at 3512 Robin Street. A good number of Anchorage Moravian Church youth showed up for a delightful joy filled evening with Karmen & Greg Bernacchi at our beautiful new Church location at Robin Street.  As the husband and wife team shared Christ's message in comedy, music and drama, it was evident that Christ's presence was there through the joy and humility displayed.

    At least two youth responded to God's love to dedicate their lives to Jesus Christ.  Truly everyone there laughed a bit; they forgot themselves for a while.  And they went away with more than what they came with, more joy, but most importantly an awareness of our need of a Savior.  A high point for the pastor was when Brother Greg pulled at our heart strings when he sang of Christ, "He loved me much, but I turned him down!"  The challenge was for everyone to respond to Christ to be saved for eternity.  Sister Karmen shared of her struggles and desire to have a family.  As she sang she shared her humanity in a very touching way.

     Pastor Billy Olsen shared afterwards that Karmen & Greg should be challenged to travel into rural Alaska to share their spiritual gifts of faith, joy and love.  This ministry is needed to challenge our young people to Christ.  Karmen & Greg expressed desire if they were to be invited.

     Note:  More photos of event on title above.

Nov 18, 2009, 10:10

Pastor's Corner
Drama & Singing Event Tonight


Karmen & Greg
Anchorage Moravians!  You are Invited to a  Special Event Coming Up November 17, 2009, 7PM - tonight, at 3512 Robin Street.

This is an encouragement for all to attend the gathering, tonight, and watch Karmen & Greg bring glory to Jesus Christ through drama and song!


      Karmen & Greg Bernacchi are a husband and wife music and drama team dedicated to ministering the gospel through comedy, music and drama. 


    Karmen and Greg are from Wisconsin where Greg can be heard every morning on their local radio station as the morning-air personality and program director.  Prior to answering God’s call into music and drama ministry, Greg’s love of theatre landed him several leading roles in productions in the Fox Valley, Kenosha, and Mauston, Wisconsin areas.  Recently Greg received his minister’s license and is serving at Faith Christian Church in Mauston, Wisconsin.


     Karmen has performed with professional Christian theatre group “The Stained Glass Theatre,” in Springfield, Missouri.  She has also performed in the Minneapolis, Minnesota based productions of “The Gospel According to Scrooge” and “The Twin Cities Passion Play.”  She was also a member of the Christian singing group “Latter Rain.”


     The duo’s slogan is “Come for the Entertainment … Go Away With a Whole Lot More.”  “That really sums up our vision,” says Greg.  “Our comedy may make people laugh, our music may make people forget their troubles for a while … and that’s great, but when all is said and done, our desire is to clearly point the way to Christ.”


     This Drama/Music event is free and the public is encouraged to attend.  A special love offering will be taken.  Call Pastor Nicholson at 907-240-8102 for more information.

Nov 17, 2009, 10:48

Pastor's Corner
First Worship

Main Sanctuary
ANCHORAGE MORAVIANS CONDUCT FIRST WORSHIP IN NEW BUILDING TODAY!!! Our worship 11 AM on November 15, 2009 was full of joyful worshippers in the main sanctuary, upstairs kitchen area as well as downstairs fellowship hall where there is a video & audio monitor.  Praise be to God!

     We are now out of the Turnagain United Methodist Church!  Those that made it possible this last week are as follows:  Church volunteers (Billy Olsen, Fred Nielsen & Leif Swanson) headed up by Trustee Tyde Riopelle are to be thanked for moving all of the church hymnals, sound system, etc., out of TUMC this last week.  They also moved much of the office equipment to the new facility.  AncMC Women’s Fellowship Group (Fay Romer, Carrie Kiana, Nastasia Wahlbeg, Roxanne Anaruk, Julie Brown, Barbara Nicholson, Shawna Nicholson, and Silvia Hembree) are to be thanked for doing general cleaning and readying the Church for worship, today. 


     Thanks to Pastor Grant Shimanek for working on an Anchorage Moravian Church temporary sign raised in the Church parking area.  A permanent one will be commissioned by the Joint Boards in the near future.  Also Paul Kiunya Jr., Charlie Carl, Fred Nielsen, and others, thank you for setting up the permanent sound system.


    Paukins Cleaning & Restoration company professionally shampooed the floors and pew bench upholstery on Friday, November 13, 2009.  Earlier, a concerned raised by one of our members that asbestos may be in the carpet, but after talks on site with an abatement contractor and our testing contractor, this was cleared up as not being a problem. We have a letter from the abatement contractor and the same will be supplied by the testing contractor to this affect.  It is indeed safe to move in!  


    Brother Tyde Riopelle, who is a certified project engineer, continues to project manage church boiler replacement/repair.  Fix-ups to the building will continue over the weeks ahead with parking area and drainage repair to be done by Spring 2010.  The Joint Board will be meeting soon to discuss what to do with the Parsonage building.


     Complete movement of the office to the new location may not happen until later this week.  The new Church location main office number is (907) 868-3177.  If anyone would like help with church and/or parsonage fixups, please contact Brother Tyde at (907) 715-0013 or Pastor Nicholson at (907) 240-8102.


     Praise God the AncMC is now established thanks to all of you who faithfully support the work of our Lord Jesus! 




Note:  There are additional pictures of inside the church by clicking on First Worship (above)

Nov 15, 2009, 13:38

Announcement/News for Week of November 15, 2009



10:00 AM

 11:00 AM

6:30 PM

Sunday School/Catechism Class

Regular Worship Service

“Half Way to Heaven” Singspiration  - Fay Romer/Carrie Paton/Fred Nielsen

ANMC -  No Hospital Service until Further Notice



7:00 PM

7:00 PM

Karmen & Greg (3512 Robin Street)

English Bible Study at Church (3512 Robin Street)

No Yupik Bible Study (Need New Yupik Teacher)


7:00 PM

Women’s Fellowship (3512 Robin Street)


7:00 PM

Young Believer’s In Christ

Next Lord’s Day: Twenty-Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

 November 22, 2009



 10:00 AM

 11:00 AM

   6:30 PM


Sunday School (Robin Street property)

Thanksgiving Lovefeast Service (Robin Street property)

Singspiration (Robin Street property)

AncMC - Grant Shimanek

ANMC - No Hospital Service until Further Notice

Personal & Health Prayer Concerns – Clifford Jimmie, Nena Nicholson, Cornelius Samson, Clifford Kassel & family, Phillip & Nastasia Guy, Paul & Lucy Kiunya Sr., John N. Andrew Sr., Chrissy Weston, Allison Joe, Oscar Wassillie, Dasani Williams, Barbara Asher, Adam Linn, Stewart Jenkins, Nancy Beaver, Jonelia Napoleon, Willie Wassillie, Mike Wasky, Gertrude Active, Ray Kiunya, Justin Radcliff, Lucy Kilbuck, James Smith, Christine Gosuk, Cyrus Stoll, Elaina Gloko, Garret Kernak, Lorena Frost, Steve O’Brien, Sarah Owens, Nancy Wilson, Lucy Beaver, Roy Hiratsuka, Adam Chythlook, Katie Pavila; Financial Needs; Jobs; Moravian missionaries: Neil & Anita Moree, Drs. Richard & Barbara Asher; US & Alaska men & women in uniform and their families- Wayne Don, Preston David, Jeffrey Phillip, Eric Tysinger; Pastors of the Alaska Moravian Province and their families; Prisoners; Widows & Widowers; Foster children & parents; Boarding school students; Nurses & health care-givers; New believers in Christ; Unsaved loved ones; Unspoken requests; Donations for a church we can worship in and operate daily ministries; Ikayuun nonprofit organization development; Winning souls; Pastor Grant Shimanek - Raising faith-based dollars for AncMC Outreach Ministries;

Grieving Families – Minnie Mute, John Pleasant, Jesse Westcoast, Jimmie Lomack, Marcus Green, Lucy Napoka, Mary Jones, Bobby Nicholai, Luciano Labuen;   


Outreaches – AncMC Youth Program, Anchorage Street Ministry & Food Campaign (Anecia Chiklak), Wasilla Outreach

Nov 15, 2009, 09:28

Pastor's Corner
Last Message at TUMC

Reflections:  Where've We've Been and Where We're Going

     The Anchorage Moravian fellowship era ended in 2001; since then we entered into the Church development span of time.  Now as of November 5, 2009 with the Joint Boards signing of a purchase of a new Church at 3500 Robin Street, in East Anchorage, we have evolved into a fully established era of the Anchorage Moravian Church.


     Another era has ended but that doesn't mean that our work is over.  Quite to the contrary we have much to do to firmly establish ourselves as an influential Christ-centered Church and we must further implement our strategic plan, expand our membership base, empower our members to use their gifts for the Lord, and continue to support doing outreaches to our younger generation and even maybe even looking at expansion into other communities.   

Nov 11, 2009, 16:37

Pastor's Corner
Anchorage Moravian Now Own a Building

The New Church deal closed on Monday November 5, 2009 with signatures by Elder Fay Romer and Trustee Carrie Kiana (shown right with Realtor Steward Smith and Trustee Flora Demantle.  At far left is First National Bank Representative).  This is Anchorage’s first Moravian Church property; now we can moved forward together to accomplish what God want us to do for His Kingdom!

    The Trustees headed up by Tyde Riopelle are working in a feverish pace to ready the above Church facility for move in date, November 15, 2009.  The Elders are announcing that on November 15th, Sunday School will begin at 10 AM, morning worship at 11 AM and evening service at 6:30 PM at 3500 Robin Street.


3500 Robin Street, Anchorage, Alaska
Raising sufficient dollars will continue to be a challenge, especially as we look to comfortably making monthly payments and maintaining the buildings and properties.   We must all pray and work together on paying off this Church property as soon as we can. 

      There are certainly interesting thoughts being shared, which the Joint Board and Church Council must look at in the future.  One of the ideas mentioned is to build a modern two story high worship structure between the two buildings to accommodate the main sanctuary (45’ X 70’), which may have a large Moravian cupola.  The Chapel area (at left above in pic) can become the conference room, fellowship hall area.  In time the entire complex may be modern looking and beautiful to behold as we all pray and work together to make this possible.  One of the thoughts heard about the parsonage is that it could be managed by Ikayuun to provide housing for patients coming into the Alaska Native Medical Center.

    Praise God the AncMC is now established thanks to all of you who faithfully support the work of our Lord Jesus. 

    Today, November 8, 2009 is our last Sunday to worship in the Turnagain United Methodist Church!  As we move out the Turnagain congregation will begin renovation of the previously used Moravian Space week of November 15, 2009.  We are thankful for the brothers and sisters of the TUMC who have allowed us use of their facility for over 31 years. 


Nov 6, 2009, 17:56

Church Events
Church Calendar

Anchorage Moravian Church

Calendar 2009-2010

Elders Approved Calendar


                       November 2009 -


1          All Saints Day

1          Day Light Savings Time (move clock backward one hour at 2 AM)

1          Elder’s Meeting

3,4,5     Pastor & Elder's Retreat, Bethel (This retreat will deal with issues concerning Spiritual Feast, Baptism, Charismatic Movement, etc.)

8           Remember our Veterans (Veterans Day 11 Nov.)

            13        Chief Elder Festival

            13-15   Alaska Moravian Youth Festival, Goodnews Bay, Theme Verse - Ephesians 4:30-32

            17         Carmin & Greg Drama & Concert (First American Baptist Church, LaTouche & Northern Lights), 7:00 PM

             22        Trustee Church Budget meeting

             22        Thanksgiving Lovefeast Service & Reign of Christ (Christ the King Sunday)

            26        Thanksgiving Day

            29        1st Sunday of Advent Communion & Potluck (Server Group D, 3 PM;

            29          Singspiration Sunday, 6:30 PM


Oct 27, 2009, 08:30

Listen to Morning Star!

And Light of the World!

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