2016 Unity Synod Resolution US2016.10

Full Resolutions – 2016 Unity Synod

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Resolution US2016.10: UAMM (United Alaska Moravian Ministries)

Whereas The Unity Board has received reports on the ongoing matter of the group in Alaska calling themselves United Alaska Moravian Ministries (UAMM) in 2012 and 2014; and

Whereas Delegations from the Unity Board have made multiple trips to seek to bring about reconciliation between the Alaska Provincial Board (APB) and UAMM; and

Whereas the leadership of UAMM has repeatedly demonstrated an unwillingness to adhere to the directions of the Unity Board concerning the polity and practices of the Moravian Church; therefore be it

Resolved Unity Synod 2016 affirms UB2016 that no longer recognizes the group UAMM as an organized group of Moravians within the worldwide Unity; and be it further

Resolved by this resolution, Resolution UB2012.11 is no longer in force; and be it further

Resolved the Unity requests that UAMM, or part of it, no longer uses the name “Moravian”, nor that they represent themselves as part of the Moravian Church, nor that they interfere in the life and ministry of any Moravian Provinces, especially the Alaska Moravian Church; and be it further

Resolved should present members of the UAMM (as a group or as individuals) at a later date wish to be part of the Unity and follow its polity and practices, the Unity may be open to consider this.


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